Baby-apple is a small business that makes endearing iPhone apps for kids. Our comprehensive apps inspires children's creativity, sparks imagination, and encourages learning.

We were founded 2012. We started to develop apps for their 3- and 5-year-old adorable sons with a goal of producing media that combine educational rigor with opportunities for children's playfulness. These two qualities are still today firmly embedded in all our apps.

To assure a high quality of apps, we work closely in a small team that combines a diverse set of design, teaching, and technical expertise. Moreover, all our apps are beta-tested by children, who are our best consultants during the design process and always have the ultimate say on the final design.

As symbolized by its name, Baby-apple was founded upon the idea that there is never a single person beyond the success of any endeavor; this includes teaching and learning. At Baby-apple, we craft products that delight children's hearts and provide kind guidance on their path towards acquisition of foundational skills.